Partner organisations


  Obermeyer Planen + Beraten is one of the biggest civil engineering consultancies in Germany with design departments ranging from infrastructure projects like railway projects to office buildings and with an own software department in which they have developed tools for CAD data interoperability and an EDMS system, which is extended to object-oriented document modelling in the FP4 project ToCEE, mentioning only those most relevant to the project.
  FIDES is a structural-engineering software developer and distributor for sophisticated very special engineering problems with several offices in Germany, special user interfaces and data exchange (FIDES is member of the IAI). Additionally, FIDES offers consultancy for extending their software with add-ons for clients.
  CIB is the Institute of applied computer science in civil engineering at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany. CIB is well-experienced in data structures, network enterprises and process modelling and AI methods applied for engineering design and construction management. CIB is actively involved in standardization bodies like STEP, IAI, CALS, ISO-DOC and STEP-SGML. CIB will provide to the project a product and contract model server and a work flow system prototype developed in the FP3 and FP4 projects COMBI and ToCEE, resp.
  Indra is the leading Spanish company in Information Technologies (IT). In 2000, the company generated revenues of 676.8 million of euros and a backlog of orders in excess of 970.1 million of euros. To the project it is contributing the expertise in eBusiness and eCommerce.
  CSTB is the department for IT applications in civil engineering of CSTB, France carrying out research, consultation and software development, and has special experience in data modelling (STEP, IFC), kb methods for codes and data mapping, multi-media representation of codes and is marketing an SDAI prototype, developed in the FP4 projects ATLAS and VEGA and a CD-ROM building product information system represented in SGML. CSTB is active in STEP and IAI.
  AEC3 is a leading consultant company in Great Britain for building construction data models, IT applications and training concerning STEP and IFC. AEC3 is the leading modeller in IAI. Members of the company were involved in the FP 3 and FP4 projects ATLAS and ELSEWISE, resp.
  GEODECO is a geo-technical and earthquake engineering consultance company in Italy with very special software developments and kb methods applications in these fields. Members of the company were involved in the FP4 project ToCEE.
  APIF is an IT business and engineering company in Spain focused on consultation for network communications, system integration, business process and business strategies and training.
  Cervenka Consulting is a structural engineering software developer and vendor at Prague, Czech Republic, with focus on concrete structures offering highly sophisticated software for the virtual tests for companies in Germany, Switzerland and Japan.
  Chair of Construction Informatics at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, has experiences in Web publishing since 1993. Its work is related to Web based communication/integration architectures, process modelling as well as distance learning and working.
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