Project Summary

Humans are individuals who need a personalised work place with easy access to data, information and knowledge. A generic workplace easily configurable on demand, equipped with intelligent tools and basic CE system capabilities is the goal. Such a personal CE system must be capable to manage multi-project participation in different virtual enterprises with different client-server systems.

The workplace tools should also allow easy access to rental engineering services on the net, such as special engineering software or design code repositories. It has to provide e-commerce and e-payment including proper authorisation according to the employee status of each engineer. The workplace must be personalizable to individual working styles and sustainable over long time.

The consortium has developed a novel human-centred Concurrent Engineering Service Platform (CESP) for multi-project participation that is like an autonomous lean CE system. The platform is capable of docking on servers of different virtual enterprises with a newly developed plugging-in technique, provide access to the electronic market place and support e-commerce as a business model. The user-relevant information like information and knowledge management data will be kept on the platform, whereas data storage itself will be outsourced.

The Concurrent Engineering Service Platform is providing a long-term stability of the ways of working with the platform's services for its user. It saves efforts to be made by the user on his personal configuration of interfaces and ways of interaction with the services in an accumulating way. It prevent the user from wasting investments for configuration efforts due to being subject to the rapidly evolving and changing IT paradigms and tools and the continuously changing virtual enterprises and projects. His personal working environment when using CESP is stable and sustainable and concurrent processing of his project data will be saved on the emerging IFC industry standard.

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