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Project ended September 30th.

Selected sections of the ISTforCE CD-ROM are on-line. Order the CD here.

Walkthrough slides are available (Microsoft Explorer's flavour of HTML or 10M PowerPoint file).

Final workshop took place during the ECPPM conference on September 10, 2002 in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Several new documents were uploaded, describing the results of the project.

CD-ROM containing a comprehensive overview of the project is being produced. Order here.

Demonstrator of core services is on-line.

ISTforCE is a European 5th Framework Information Society Technologies project. The acronym stands for "Intelligent Services and Tools for Concurrent Engineering".

In ISTforCE a novel, user-centred services platform for concurrent engineering has been developed, which a) allows multi-project participation, b) provides servers with tasks-oriented engineering and system knowledge, c) provides information logistics and multi-project workflow support, d) provides services and tools for e-commerce, multi-media and electronic signature, e) provides a legal framework to support legally binding work results and an audit trail, f) can be connected to any server and virtual enterprise as long as these servers fulfil some some specifications developed in the project, g) provides a language interoperability service, which allows the user to keep his own individual language. Such services shield the user from the heterogeneity of the outside concurrent engineering world.

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